Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Breakup Sayings for girlfriend

Look at yourself in the mirror,
And slap yourself hard
And you will realize the pain you had given me throughout!

Happy Birthday Quotes For Friends

30. I'm slowly giving up...

31. It is better to die with memories than to live with only dreams.

32. Before you ask me why I want to break up with you, ask your heart why it did not love me like how it was supposed to...

33. Our love made me feel alive, and it set me free, it nurtured me like how roots do to a tree but your wicked ways pinned me down in misery I began feeling as if I was locked in captivity; I never wanted our relationship to end, but sadly I can no longer pretend.

34. What do you do when the one who broke your heart is the only one who can fix it.

35. I never stopped loving... I just stopped showing it.

36. I may be feeling lonely, but at least my heart is not in someone else's hands.

37. A relationship is only made for two. But some bitches don't know how to count.

Happy Birthday Quotes For Boyfriend

38. The only reason people hold on it memories so tight is because memories are the only things that don't change when everything else does.

39. I can't seem to erase all the memories of you. No matter how hard I try, it's something I can't do.

40. The best revenge is just moving on and getting over it don't give someone the satisfaction of watching you suffer.

41. Touching lines broken heart- Sometimes I feel that waiting for you in my life is like waiting for a bus at a railway station...

42. A man may or may not be happy when he/she wins one's mind. But he must be happy when wins one's trust. Confidence is the zenith of all relation.

43. Staying in a relationship when you're no longer happy is like fooling yourself. Letting go of someone you love is painful, but time will come you'll realize, that it's the best thing you've done for yourself.

44. Painful messages: When a very sweet and close person goes to far from us, we may or may not say, but our heart speaks to their heart. You made me alone.

Happy Birthday Quotes For Girlfriend

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